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Arizona Heat Among Other Things Will Destroy Your Timing Belt

  • Learn about the symptoms of a bad timing belt and when to replace it
  • A combination of hot leaky engine fluid and summer heat will destroy the rubber coating of your timing belt
  • Learn why your timing belt is so important
  • A Bad Timing Belt Will Hurt Your Engine

    Richards Auto Clinic is one of the oldest family owned and operated car dealerships in Phoenix Arizona. Our number one priority is to make sure that you, your family and friends are safe. Arizona is one of the worst states to drive and own a vehicle. Sure, the fall and winter months are amazing weather but for most of the year we live in summer heat.

    If your vehicle is not properly maintained during the summer month, it is only a matter of time before your timing belt and other parts of your vehicle start to deteriorate.

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    Arizona Heat Can Destroy Timing Belt, Learn The Symptoms of a Bad Timing Belt and When to Replace It

    What does a timing belt do?

  • Keeps Your Engine Working
  • The timing belt is a rubber looking belt with teeth on one side. The teeth grip to the heads of different shafts within the engine. The timing belt rotates with the engine and is responsible for moving the pistons with the rotation of your wheels. The timing belt makes sure that the car works together in the same rhythm, in sync and on time, as the engine and wheels turn.

    Signs the timing belt is failing

  • Trouble Starting Vehicle
  • There are many reasons why an engine may not start. The battery might be dead. A spark plug needs to be replaced or you ran out of gas. However, if you have a new battery, spark plugs and plenty of gas… it could be your timing belt is wearing out.

  • Smoke Coming Out of Exhaust Pipe
  • Most of the time, a smokey exhaust is because the engine is burning up oil. However, if you do not have an oil leak then it could be your timing belt is not working right and the valves are not opening or closing on time – causing fuel to burn improperly.

  • Vehicle Vibrates
  • When a timing belt begins to loosen or it is missing teeth it begins to lose its’ grip. This will throw the engine off its’ rhythm and will cause the vehicle to vibrate.

  • Engine Sounds like a Clock
  • If you hear clicks, a tick-tock or noise coming from the engine it could be your timing belt needs to be replaced.

  • Engine Misfires
  • The timing belt is making the engine pistons fire off wrong and so you will hear a “misfire” or a pop sound.

    Not Sure if Timing Belt is Going Bad? No Problem!

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