Car Cooling System

Arizona Summer Will Damage Your Vehicle If You Do Not Maintain It

  • The Phoenix Metro-Area is a desert with hot and dry climate that has reached up to 128 degrees Farenheiit
  • The heat can zap the life from your car battery and dry out your tires and cause the tread to fall off
  • You must maintain your cooling system otherwise your vehicle will overheat and the engine will be destroyed
  • Preventative maintenance is a must. Spending a few hundred dollars during the summer will save you thousands of dollars in vehicle damage repair
  • During the Summer Your Car Can Reach Up To 195 Degrees Fahrenheit

    The radiation from sun rays is damaging enough let alone the excessive heat from direct sunlight. People have literally cooked an egg on the street… it is that hot… Now, just imagine your car’s black rubber tires and hoses, metal engine, computer chips, vinyl, leather or plastic interior and metal exterior….

    Richards Auto Clinic is a full service auto repair shop. Our expertise is keeping vehicles performing beautifully and that means having a preventative maintenance program that fits your budget. Call us at: 602-273-1100 and find out how we can keep your vehicles performance in tip-top shape.

    Protecting Your Vehicles Engine, Cooling System, AC and Battery

  • Maintain Vehicle’s Cooling System
  • The cooling system in your vehicle does just that… cools the engine! Think about the tremendous heat your vehicle is absorbing. The radiator and cooling system must be in tip-top shape in order to keep your vehicle from overheating and causing irreparable damage to the engine.

  • Maintain Vehicle’s Fluids
  • When fluid levels (oil, transmission, power steering, brake fluid, etc) are below the recommended levels, your vehicles has a greater chance of overheating and causing damage to the engine and cooling system. If your check engine or oil alert light goes off, top off the fluids or have it professionally diagnosed.

  • Maintain or Change Out Old Battery
  • The extreme temperature can cause the battery to have a high overload. This will wipe out the battery. Get your battery checked by a mechanic to make sure the charge is adequate otherwise you could find yourself stranded on the highway or somewhere in the desert. This will cause you to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  • Maintain Vehicle’s Air Conditioning
  • If your air conditioning unit is not working properly it is probably because it needs to be recharged or repaired. It is bad for your car and for your health to drive in a vehicle that can reach up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Protecting Your Vehicles Interior

  • Park In Shade
  • If you are from Arizona you will know that everyone fights for a parking spot in the shade. This helps protect your vinyl, leather, wood or plastic interior.

  • Protect Interior with Armor All or Conditioner
  • To avoid sun ray damage, cracks, and tears apply protective solution like Armor All or Conditioner to your entire interior. Make sure to do this once a week for ultra-protection.

  • Windshield Protector
  • Getting an windshield protector is very important to block out and reflect light away from your vehicles interior. If you can get roll down shade protectors for all windows that would be ideal but remember not to roll down the window without checking first.

  • Clean Dashboard with a Soft Microfiber Cloth
  • Do this everyday you drive. Dust and dirt will make little scratches on your dashboard. By simply removing the dust when you can it will make your car look newer and healthier.

  • Seat Covers
  • The sun can destroy your cars upholstery. In fact, think of it like this… put a black shirt out in the sun all day and see what it looks like after a few days. It will be bleached out and look beaten up. That is exactly what your car upholstery goes through during the summer.

  • Clean Mats and Car Seats
  • The more dirt and grime gets into your car flooring and car seats the dirtier the seats will get. The sun and heat will melt dust into your carpet and upholstery making it very difficult if not impossible to clean after a hot summer season.

    Protecting Your Vehicles Exterior

  • Are Your Tires Old? Time To Get New Ones!
  • If you have old tires and the tread is almost gone, it may be time to get new tires. If you are driving down the Arizona freeway during the summer you will see large amounts of of tire tread on the road. This is because people with little to no tread have a blow out while going 65-mph down the freeway. A blowout tire can destroy a vehicles body frame while putting you and your passengers at risk. Spend a few hundred dollars and get tires put on your car – you will glad you did.

  • Check Tire Pressure
  • The black asphalt sucks up so much heat that you can cook an egg on it. Think about how much heat your tires absorb, especially when driving 65-mph down the freeway! The combination of heat and friction will tear your tread up. This will even cause the tread to separate from the tire. This can lead to deadly crashes and bodily injury. By checking the pressure in your tires you will help eliminate friction on the road and help the them absorb more heat.

  • Wash Cars Exterior
  • Do this often! The sun’s rays will eat the paint from your car if you do not wash it to cool the paint and metal down as well as remove dust, dirt and grime that causes scratches. These little scratches will help the suns rays penetrate the pain and metal and make your cars finish look dull and worn out.

  • Wash Under the Car
  • Do you know how dirty and hot it is down there?! It is imperative you was the underside of your vehicle as often as you can. This helps cool down your vehicle and gets rid of dirt that can penetrate hoses and tanks. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to overheat and have a dirt problem.

  • Wash Under the Cars Hood
  • This helps keep the car cool and helps remove dirt and grime that will cause the timing belt, cooling system, air conditioning and battery to malfunction.

    Richards Auto Clinic Can Help You Maintain Your Vehicle During the Arizona Summer

    Our family owned and operated auto shop does everything from oil change to engine replacement. With over 300-five star reviews on the internet, you can rest assure your vehicle is in good hands at Richards Auto Clinic.

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