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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Car Diagnostic Test

We have the most high-tech car diagnostic test equipment in the industry. Do not waste time and money getting your car check by an auto shop with inferior technology. Find out what is going on with your vehicle and get it fixed the first time so you can get back on the road. Call 602-273-1100 visit our shop or fill out our quick contact form to get a precise reading as to why your check engine light turned on.

Car Check Engine Light

The Top Reasons the Car Check Engine Light Turns On:

    #1 Dead Battery Needs Replacement: The battery is one of the most common reasons why the check engine light comes on. It is either on its way to dying, is dead and needs repair or replacement.
    #2 Oxygen Sensor Needs to be Cleaned, Repaired or Replaced: The Oxygen sensor detects how much oxygen or air flow is in the vehicle’s exhaust system.
    #3 Gas Gap is Cracked, Loose, Missing or Damaged: The gas cap keeps the correct amount of pressure in the fuel tank as to prevent unwanted and dangerous gas fumes from being released into the environment.
    #4 Catalytic Converter is Cracked, Dirty, Damaged or Loosened: The catalytic converter takes dangerous carbon monoxide and converts it into CO2 or carbon dioxide. This is also the reason why many vehicles do not pass emission inspections.
    #5 Time to Replace the Mass Airflow Sensor: The amount of airflow that is getting to your engine is important. This sensor detects whether or not your engine is getting enough air. If your engine does not get enough airflow, it will run hot and can do a lot of damage.
    #6 Time to Change Spark Plugs or Spark Plug Wires: The spark plugs do exactly what their name says they do. They make a spark that ignites the air and fuel mixer in the combustion chamber that gets your engine, its’ pistons and valves running.

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