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Phoenix Car Cooling System Repair

Think of a car’s water pump, radiator and cooling system like the human body’s need for water. A human can not live long with out water. Water is used to keep the human body functioning and is used to cool down the body.

A car’s water pump, radiator and cooling system is as important as the engine. In fact, if the vehicle’s cooling system malfunctions than the engine can overheat and blow. You will not be able to replace the engine and it will cost you a lot more money than flushing and replacing the fluids in your vehicle.

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What is a Water Pump?

A Water Pump is crucial in order to keep the coolant fluid moving through the engine, engine block, car hose and radiator. It keeps the engine operating at a temperature that keeps it cool enough that it does not overheat.

Reasons Why a Water Pump Fails

If you hear a metallic or grinding type noise it means that the water pump has worn bearings. Many times it is easier to get a water pump replacement than try to repair it. A broken water pump means that the seal or car hose or gasket that is between the pump and engine has corroded or failed.

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What is a Car Radiator?

A car radiator is designed to absorb the heat that is created by the vehicles engine. The design of a radiator is to transfer heat from the hot coolant created by the car fan. The coolant flows through the radiator that is in front of the car (looks like a bunch of layers of metal on top of each other) and air from outside the car as you drive is brought in through the vents providing cooling power.

Reasons Why Car Radiator Fails

The Thermostat is broken triggering the coolant to be released into the radiator. A broken thermostat is a very big problem and can ruin your engine if you do not fix right way. You may also have a leak in a car hose. If the coolant is leaking from a car hose it can cause coolant levels to be too low to efficiently run through the radiator and cool down your engine. If you notice fluid under your vehicle, you may have a leaky hose and coolant is pouring out.

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What is a Car’s Cooling System?

It is a lot more than just a radiator and water pump. The car’s cooling system is the radiator, fan, water pump, transmission cooler, car hoses, bypass system, thermostat, pressure cap, freeze plugs, head gaskets and intake manifold, reserve tank and heater core. If your check engine light is on you need to get it check out immediately as your cars cooling system may be compromised. If you do not get it fixed right away your engine could overheat. This can result in a costly replace of an engine.

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