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Trustworthy Mechanics are Hard to Find in Phoenix, AZ

  • Phoenix is one of the largest cities in America
  • Arizona has a high demand for automotive mechanics
  • Many mechanics take advantage of their customer
  • Why Phoenix is a Target For Predatory Automotive Repair Shops

    Phoenix Arizona has almost 1.7-Million people living in it. It is one of the most populated cities in America. The majority of the population lives and works in town. On average it takes up one-hour to get across town during rush hour traffic. Think about the wear and tear on each vehicle, the fender benders and tire replacements and of course air conditioning units failing. You can only imagine that the automotive mechanic industry is huge in Phoenix and believe us, there is plenty of demand. That is why it is important to find an auto shop mechanic you can trust.

    Why is it Difficult to Find a Trustworthy Mechanic in Phoenix, AZ?

    When it comes to finding an honest mechanic in Phoenix Arizona, you will definitely have challenges. There are many reasons as to why car owners are unable to find a trustworthy mechanic in Phoenix, AZ and we will lay out a few examples as to why.

    1 – Most of the car owners out there do not have much information about the cars they own. Most people are unable to repair their own car and so they have to take it into the auto shop. Automotive mechanics know that you need your vehicle to get back on the road and that you are at their mercy. This type of “power” can drive (no pun intended) mechanics be dishonest with you.
    2 – Sometimes an automotive mechanic will inspect your vehicle and tell you exactly what is wrong. However, they know you do not understand the cost of the repair and so they will charge you an arm and a leg. They do this to make an extra buck. This is called a predatory automotive repair shop.
    3 – An auto body shop is a business and everything is free game when it comes that. This is their mentality. A good auto shop mechanics is not cheap (unless they are using your vehicle to gain some experience). However, there is a fine line between making a profit and being a predatory auto body shop.

    Richards Auto Clinic is Phoenix Arizona’s Most Trustworthy Auto Shop For Over 60-Years

    According to the Readers Digest, the magazine hired an automotive writer who visited over 225 auto shop garages. Only 28-percent made the right diagnosis and did not plug in the right wire somewhere in the car. 56% performed unnecessary work and sold unnecessary parts or charged for repairs not done. Trust Richards Auto Clinic with all of your automotive repair and replace needs. With over 300 five star reviews, a national warranty, OEM certified products and a code of ethics we stand by, you can rest assure your vehicle is in good hands. Call us at 602-273-1100 and find out why we have been the trusted auto shop for Phoenix Arizona for over 60-years.

    Richards Auto Clinic Can Help You Maintain Your Vehicle For the Entire Year

    Our family owned and operated auto shop does everything from oil change to engine replacement. With over 300-five star reviews on the internet, you can rest assure your vehicle is in good hands at Richards Auto Clinic.

    Did your check engine light come on? Call us at: 602-273-1100 and get a professional diagnostic if your vehicle. Also, take advantage of our online specials so you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on all of our repair services.